Welcome to The Heart of Yoga – A Yoga Haven

The Heart of Yoga focuses on the path to well-being,  concentrating  on Proper exercise (asana); Proper breathing (pranayama); Positive thinking,  Meditation and Proper relaxation (savasana);

The Heart of Yoga offers a peaceful, calm environment for you to come along and explore all these paths at your own personal level.   In time,  you will improve your physical and mental health and deepen your connection with the spiritual aspects of life.


Find breathing space with small group classes!

The Heart of Yoga also assists in meeting with individual needs to feel better, calmer, happier and more centered by helping to balance the competing demands of work, family and ‘me-time’.  The friendly small group classes (never more than 8 students), assist in strengthening the body, relaxing the  mind, feeling more connected and peaceful, every day.


The Heart of Yoga’s Ideals:

 To Serve all, to Love all, to Mix with all and to see God in all beings’ – teaching by Swami Sivananda